Aerosol and Particulate Monitoring

What Are the Particle Losses of Perma Pure Dryers (and Humidifiers)?

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Perma Pure dryers are often used in Particle Monitoring and Aerosol Analysis applications. We are often asked about the particle losses of these dryers. There are two ways to look at these losses: first, excess losses when comparing an equivalent bare tube, and net losses. Naturally these losses are dependent on particle size

From our customers, we have learned the following (net losses)

  • FC 125s and 200s as well as PD 50, 100 and 200s – Net losses of 50%
  • PD 07018T and MD-110 – Net losses of 15%
  • MD-700 Large diameter – Net Losses of 2% or roughly equivalent to the same size and diameter bare tube.

These numbers should only be used as a guide, and like we suggest for all customers using our products, they should be tested and characterized for your application.

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