BE Braided Moisture Exchangers

How Does the BE Series Braided Exchanger Work?

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With the BE Series, Braided Nafion Tubing is exposed to the atmosphere to either extract moisture from the surrounding ambient environment to humidify a gas, or to remove moisture from a sample gas. In both cases, the moisture level is equalized with the surrounding environment. In either application, the continuous moisture transfer properties of the BE series provides long-term and stable performance.

Perma Pure BE Series Highlights:

  • Simple installation, only requiring the BE series product¬†to be placed in line and exposed to surrounding atmosphere
  • Consistent performance over time through continuous regeneration
  • Long service life by maintaining performance through repeated use
  • Chemically resistant to most gases
  • Ultimate performance is a function of the dew point of atmosphere where unit is operating
  • Available in a variety of lengths and tubing diameters
  • Flow rates to 2 l/m, pressures to 255 psi (17 bar) in the tube when dry

High Pressure Use

The BE Series can also be used in high pressure applications, with some versions able to be used up to 17 bar (250 psi). Using the BE Series in this way makes it possible to effectively dry the gas without needed a purge gas. The sample gas is pressurized – thereby increasing the partial vapor pressure of the water component of the gas, and that pressure is equalized with the ambient water vapor pressure. When the gas is de-pressurized to ambient, the resultant dew point will fall accordingly.

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