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How Do I Use the Dryer Wheel?

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The Perma Pure Dryer Wheel is used to size the dryer. The outside edge shows the flow rates of the various dryer types, and you rotate the wheel according to your flow rate. The inner triangle will show the dew point achievable with the range of dryer lengths available for that series type. This simple tool using flow rate and target moisture level (dew point) contains all of Perma Pure’s published performance data. Bear in mind how that that the data was collected – if your operating conditions differ, the predicted performance may be different. Some notes

  • Data is base don drying 20 ⁰C saturated air ( 20 ⁰C dew point) – or ambient temperature
  •  -40 ⁰C instrument air was used as the purge gas in 2x flow of the sample gas
  • Performance ratings are very conservative

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