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PD Nafion Dryer Sizes – How to Select

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Which sizes are available for PD dryers?

The PD Series (Polytube) dryer is available in a variety of length and tubing sizes, and can be specified according to an intelligent product numbering system as shown in the table below. The dryer performance is dependent on the total amount of active surface area, so both the amount of tubes and the length affect performance. See the PD dryer page for more information.

1 – Series
PD (Polytube Dryer) Series PD
2 – Number of Tubes
50 – 0.030″ Nafion™ Tubes in Parallel 50T
100 – 0.030″ Nafion™ Tubes in Parallel 100T
200 – 0.030″ Nafion™ Tubes in Parallel 200T
18 – 0.070″ Nafion™ Tubes in Parallel 07018T
60 – 0.060″ Nafion™ Tubes in Parallel 06060T
3 – Dryer Lengths
12″ (120 cm) 12
24″ (180 cm) 24
48″ (120 cm) 48
72″ (180 cm) 72
4 – Housing Material
molded PP fittings, SS shell MPS
molded PP fittings, rubber shell MPR
molded PVDF fittings, anodized aluminum shell MKA
molded PVDF fittings, stainless steel shell MKS
molded PVDF fittings, rubber shell MKR
molded PVDF fittings, corrugated SS shell MKC
machined stainless steel fittings, anodized aluminum shell MSA
machined stainless steel fittings and shell MSS
machined stainless steel fittings, rubber shell MSR
machined stainless steel fittings, corrugated SS shell MSC
dryer element replacement (for two-part fitting) E
dryer element replacement E-M

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