Nafion Dryers and Systems for CEMS

Nafion Dryers for Marine CEMS / Diesel Emissions Monitoring

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Perma Pure’s Nafion™ based Sample Conditioning Systems and Nafion™ Dryers are the ideal choice to ensure the accuracy of SO2 measurements for Marine CEMS. According to MEPC 184(59) –The Guideline for Exhaust Gas Cleaning systems, SO2 can be measured at the output of the wet scrubber for compliance in case the vessel operator does not choose to burn fuel with 0.1% sulfur content in ECAs (Emission Control Areas). Because the level of SO2 is so low coming out of the scrubber, a peltier based cooler is not able to condition the sample properly without the low levels of SO2 present disappearing in the condensate.

Only Sample Conditioning Systems using Perma Pure’s Nafion™ gas dryers eliminate the moisture in the sample in the vapor phase, fully preserving the SO2 in the sample for accurate analysis. More importantly, a Nafion-based system is much more reliable, especially on a ship where the application is much more extreme.

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