Baldwin Coolers and Chillers for CEMS

PD Dryers for Cooler Based Systems – The Supplemental Drying System (SDS)

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A popular use of for PD dryers for Sample Conditioning Systems using Coolers or Chillers is the SDS or “Cooler Booster” In this application, the PD Dryer assembly is installed ahead of the Sample Gas Cooler, but before the analyzer.

  • Primary benefit: Protection of analyzer against cooler failure, as the dryer will reduce the risk of the dirty sample making it to the analyzer
  • SDS the  “Cooler Booster”
  • Single or double 12” PD Nafion dryer is installed in a handy enclosure with simple connections.
  • Reduces dew point from 4°C to -15°C or -20°C to eliminate water interference and formation of acid mists
  • Flows up to 10 lpm

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