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CEMS Sample Conditioning Problems Solved by Nafion Save $$ With Every Installation

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Specifying a Nafion-based Gas Sample Conditioning System has been proven to solve the following common CEMS problems:

  • Participation in unwanted chemical reactions, both from filters and ammonia scrubbers, mounted with the probe on the stack remove ammonia and acid mists, and the Nafion dryer portion removes the bulk of the moisture
  • Loss of water-soluble analytes (SO2, Nox, Cl, etc.), as all of the water is removed from the sample in the vapor phase
  • Interference of water in infrared or other measurements with sample gas dew points of -15C or lower – in contrast with the +4 C standard of cooler based systems – eliminate 85% of the water coolers leave behind
  • Damage to analyzer or system components by the elimination of the possibility of acid mists to collect or form downstream of the Sample Conditioning System
  • Clogging of line or system components by the elimination of the possibility of particulate to collect or ammonia salts to form downstream of the Sample Conditioning System
  • Requirement for heated sample lines – By drying and treating sample gas at the stack, you are now transporting dry sample gas, so that heated sample line is no longer required.
    • Heat-traced sample line at $30-$60 per foot can be replaced with freeze- protect or simple multi-line umbilical at one fourth to one third the cost.
    • Savings depend on sample line length – from $5,000 up to $30,000+ per CEMS installation, in some cases paying for the entire Nafion Sample Conditioning System
    • System reliability is improved as well with the removed complexity (and maintenance) of heated sample lines
  • Long calibration times due to adsorption/desorption – 20 minute calibration times can be done in 5 minutes or less, saving a fortune in daily calibration gas consumption

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