Nafion Gas Dryers

Nafion Dryer Purge Gas Method #1 – Instrument Air / Dry Gas

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Nafion Dryer Purge Gas Method # 1 – Instrument Air or Dry Gas

  • Purge Gas Flow Rate – Typically 2-3x of the Sample Flow, to be adjusted as necessary for optimum performance.
  • Instrument Quality Compressed Air – Our recommended purge gas – the dew point of this purge gas is typically around -40° C. Most of our performance curves have been made using instrument air.
  • Standard Quality Compressed Air – Standard wet compressed air, which may carry an oil mist must be filtered clean as dirt and oil in the air will collect on the dryer tubes and can cause a drop in performance over time.
  • Local Air Compressor – An air compressor with an ultra-low dew point rating may be deployed in an analyzer station for clean and dry purge gas.
  • Nitrogen or other Cylinder gas – Using ultra-dry cylinder gas with a dew point of -60° or -70°C can yield even better results than shown on our performance curves.

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