Nafion Dryers and Systems for CEMS

How Does a Nafion Sample Conditioning System for CEMS Work?

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Nafion Sample Conditioning Systems have three zones to enable Nafion Gas Sample Dryers to be used effectively for Sample Conditioning Systems with CEMS.

Zone 1 – Sample Cleaning and Preparation – from the probe, the sample flows into the heated section of the system, first through a heated 0.1 micron coalescing filter and then through an ammonia scrubber (if required) before it is sent to the Nafion Dryer. This is required to remove acid mists, particulates, and ammonia from the sample, in order for the Nafion dryer to work effectively over time.

Zone 2 – Heated Dryer Entrance – the sample is flowed through the heated portion of the dryer to maintain the water in the sample in the vapor phase, so that it is removed in that phase and no water condenses out.

Zone 3 – Unheated Dryer Exit – the sample moves to the second half of the dryer in the unheated portion of the system. It is cooled and polished to the end dew point as low as -25 C. The sample then exits the system and is routed to the analyzer. It is in this unheated portion of the system where all of the electronics are located.

See the interior if the GASS 2040 below for more detail.

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