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How Do I Know When It’s Time To Replace My Perma Pure Dryer or Humidifier?

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How do I know when I should replace my Perma Pure Dryer or Humidifier? Is there any preventative maintenance I can do to extend it’s life in my application?

In general, there is no preventative maintenance on our products. The performance will decline over time only as long as it is subject to contamination by impurities in the water or air in the sample gas, purge gas, or water used for humidification. Our products have seen successful service in excess of 10 years in certain applications. Because the performance you require is dependent on factors beyond our control, we suggest that when developing your product or experiment, it is up to you to size the product accordingly.  You will need the right amount of Nafion surface area and to determine at which point the product’s performance will no longer be enough for a successful process or analysis.

Some customers have installed some sort of sensor to determine at which point the unit might need replacement. Again, this trigger point must be defined by you, when the performance decline is sufficient to affect the overall performance of your system or product.

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