Baldwin Coolers and Chillers for CEMS

What’s Different and New About Baldwin’s New Digital Coolers?

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Baldwin’s Classic and M Series cooler lines have been completely redesigned with the following world class features:

  • Reliable dedicated Digital Control System keeps your system operating efficiently
  • Advanced P.I.D. control algorithm increases temperature control precision to maintain analysis accuracy
  • Continuous display of temperature eliminates guess work – a quick look tells it all
  • Alarm outputs provide alarm interface capability for your data acquisition system as well a direct control of sample pumps
  • Configurable for simple control of multiple sample streams
  • Individual water slip sensors and alarm outputs safeguard against upset conditions
  • Gas stream temperature output allows direct monitoring, eliminating guess-work
  • 115 or 230 VAC models
  • MODBUS through RS-485 for remote monitoring of cooler performance

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