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What Connection Fittings are Available for MD Dryers?

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MD -050 dryers are available with 1/16″ (-1) and 1/8″ (-2) female compression fittings. The MD-050 is not available with 1/4″ fittings due to the small tubing size, so if you need 1/$ fittings you will need to move to the MD-070 and choose a shorter length, most likely the 12″.

MD-070 and MD-110 dryers are available with 1.8″ (-2) and 1/4″ (-4) female compression fittings. It is possible to use the standard 1/4″ connections with 6mm tubing at the end of the connector’s travel.

MRD Dryers are available on -070 and -110 sizes and they offer a wider variety of connection ends, according to the intelligent product number system. Those dryers are of the quick connect push-in style, available in 1/8:, 1/8″ and 6mm.

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