Aerosol and Particulate Monitoring

What Are The Ideal Dryer Construction Options to Choose For Aerosol Analysis?

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Perma Pure Dryers are often used for Particle analysis, and we’ve developed a list of guidelines

  • Choose stainless steel Tube and Shell Construction  to eliminate buildup of static electricity. The material will also provide a longer service life outdoors.
  • Select the Straight Configuration  – it’s the default selection for 6, 12, 24″ dryers, and for the 48″ MD-700 – but for 48″ MDs it is a no-cost option.  This minimizes turbulent flow, which can negatively impact measurements
  • Mount the dryer in the vertical position so there is no affect from gravity. The importance of this declines as the particle size gets smaller (for Nanoparticles the gravity effect is not an issue).
  • Choose a dryer with the largest diameter tubes possible to minimize particle losses.
  • If you are humidifying an aerosol or particle stream, use the gas to gas mode so that the particle stream is unaffected by the liquid water present on the membrane surface.

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