Baldwin Coolers and Chillers for CEMS

How Do Baldwin Coolers Work?

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Baldwin coolers use thermo-electric elements (Peltiers) to cool the sample gas to the desired dew point temperature. Condensate is removed as it forms by an available peristaltic pump. These cooolers have the following characteristics

  • Dependable water removal
  • Low maintenance
  • Single or dual sample streams
  • EZ-Clean twist-apart impingers
  • Durinert coated impingers
  • Alarm relays to protect analyzers in case of problems

More on the Thermoelectric Principle

A thermoelectric element consists of many dissimilar metal junctions through which a DC current flows.  The magnitude of the DC current (amps) drives these junctions to transfer heat from one side of the junction to the opposite side.

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