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What FC Series Size Should I Use for My Fuel Cell?

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Below is a list of our common fuel cell humidifiers and the fuel cell system size they are most suited for. At Perma Pure, we are not fuel cell experts. We size these humidifiers based on humidification performance requirements, not fuel cell system size, so these recommendations should only be seen as a guide. The sizes are listed below:

  • FC100 Series – Compact humidifier for portable and laboratory systems up to 500W. Weighs less than 100 grams. Gas flows to 16 alpm
  • FC125 Series – Ideal for systems up to 1kW. Gas flows to 75 alpm (gas/gas) and 150 alpm (water/gas)
  • FC200 Series – Ideal for systems up to 3kW, the FC200-Series is a rugged, compact humidifier for mobile and stationary applications alike. Gas flows to 300 alpm (gas/gas) and 450 alpm (water/gas)
  • FC300 Series – Our standard humidifier for gas-to-gas humidification in 5kW systems. Gas flows to 625 alpm (gas/gas) and 2,000 alpm (water/gas)
  • FC400 Series – The FC400-Series is designed to provide ideal humidification for 7-12KW systems. The high pressure model is now being evaluated for use in passenger cars. Gas flows to 1,000 alpm (gas/gas) and 7,000 alpm (water/gas)
  • FC600 Series – The FC600-Series is suitable for gas-to-gas humidification for systems up to 50kW. When operated water-to-gas, this humidifier is a great choice to replace a bubbler in large test stands (80-100 kW). Gas flows to 2,500 alpm (gas/gas) and 7,000 alpm (water/gas)
  • FC800-Series – The FC-800 is suitable for use in systems up to 100kW. This model is an excellent choice for city buses, SUVs and light trucks. Gas flows to 5,500 alpm (gas/gas) and 10,000 alpm (water/gas). Contact Perma Pure for availability.

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