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What Are the Benefits and Unique Features of The MD-H Heated Dryer?

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The MDH-Series Nafion gas dryer was designed to dry gas samples with dew points higher than ambient temperature without requiring separate heating elements or insulation. A Nafion dryer is coiled into a plastic enclosure and the first 12″of the dryer are heated to 80 C. The main benefits of this dryer are:

  1. Dry sample gases with dew points up to 70 C (30% water by volume)
  2. The elevated Nafion operating temperature speeds initial moisture transfer when compared with unheated dryers.
  3. All in one package allows faster set-up and/or integration with analuyzers
  4. Flow rates to 1.5 lpm,
  5. Can be incorporated easily into analyzer cabinets or used as a stand-alone device.
  6. Purge gas flow of 10x sample gas recommended

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