Nafion Humidifiers

Selecting the Right Humidifier for Your Application – The Perma Pure 10 Questions

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To select the right dryer, the following information must be known, in order for us to effectively help you choose the right humidifier for your application:

  1. Basic description of application – OEM, Fuel Cell, Scientific Experiment
  2. Are you familiar with how Nafion based humidifiers and how they work?
  3. What is your application challenge? What are you trying to achieve?
  4. Incoming Gas Flow Rate (lpm), Pressure (bar or psi) and Temperature (C)
  5. Incoming Gas Moisture Content (dew point in C or ppm)
  6. Target moisture level required (end dew point in C or ppm) of the gas
  7. Humidification method – water to gas or gas to gas
  8. For gas to gas humidification, the temperature (C) and moisture content (dew point in C) of the gas used to humidify
  9. Operating pressure & pressure drop requirements (bar or psi)
  10. Any other notes that could help us understand what you are trying to achieve

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