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Mini-GASS Sampling Conditioning System Troubleshooting

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Problem or Fault Possible Causes Corrective Action
Enclosure pressure control regulator will not hold a safe pressure. Leakage around gasketing, covers, seams, piping and tubing connections, conduit connections and electrical conduit seal of the enclosure. Tighten enclosure latches: silicone sealant can be applied from inside the protected enclosure where tightening is not feasible.
Enclosure pressure indicator reading is difficult to stabilize. Insufficient enclosure leakage or opening of the venture orifice is crimped too small. Remove the orifice, cut off crimped end and ream tube, then recrimp and reinstall tube. As tube is shortened, sensitivity decreases allowing easier setpoint on the enclosure.
Enclosure Pressure Indicator “Drifts” up or down from the “Safe” pressure setting. Application involves a small, tightly sealed enclosure and/or a fluctuating protective gas supply. Pre-regulate gas supply upstream of the enclosure protection system to 5 psi m a x im u m
Enclosure pressure loss alarm switch does not appear to be operating. Pressure switch is out of calibration. Calibrate by slowly adjusting counterclockwise to decrease setpoint and clockwise to increase setpoint.

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