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MD-R Series Gas Dryer Element Replacement

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Field replacement of MD dryer elements longer than 48” is difficult without special equipment and is not recommended. The instructions below are for the 12”, 24” and 48” length models

  1. Hold the dryer end fitting assembly behind the rotating purge fitting carrier.
  2. Grip the end nut and rotate counter- clockwise to remove. Repeat for the opposite end.
  3. Gently pull the Nafion® tube element out of the housing just far enough to be able to remove the rubber ferrule. Remove the rubber ferrule.
  4. Remove the element by pulling the element out from the other end of the dryer housing.
  5.  When installing the new element, handle the membrane tubing with gloves to prevent contaminating the tubing surface.
  6. Once the element is positioned with equal lengths protruding from each fitting, install the rubber ferrules about 1⁄4” from the end.
  7. Install the end nuts and tighten as much as possible by hand.

Download MD-R Series Gas Dryer User’s Manual

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