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Indi-GASS Module Sample Conditioning System Commissioning

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Start-up Check (Indi-GASS commissioning/troubleshooting kit req’d)
Read through startup check completely before energizing system.
Check that the electrical, compressed air, sample gas inlet and outlet, and purge exhaust/filter drain connections have been made and that the proper voltage, pressures, etc. are present. It is helpful but not absolutely necessary to have the Indi-GASS commissioning/troubleshooting kit available to check some of the parameters in the following start-up sequence. All operating parameters are set and the system is fully tested at the factory. If electrical and compressed air utilities are properly provided, these checks should be unnecessary. Refer to the appendix for information about this kit and its contents. Note: The enclosure cover must be reinstalled before operation.

  • Turn on compressed air to the system. Air exhausting from the port at this point will be coming from the purge eductor.
    • Check for purge exhaust airflow. Air should be exiting the Exhaust/Drain port at a flow of about 45 +/-10 lpm. If the airflow is outside this range, check for proper compressed air pressure at the inlet to the system. Otherwise, consult the troubleshooting guide.
  • Turn on power to the system. Power to the heatless dryer will cause additional airflow to exhaust from the port.
    • Check the purge exhaust airflow. The purge exhaust airflow will increase by about 30 lpm. If no change in flow occurs, check the system supply voltage and the inline fuse.
  • Allow the system to heat for about 1⁄2 hour. The filter and dryer will heat to the factory set point temperature. The controllers will maintain this temperature as long as power is applied.
  • Remove the cover and verify the following.
    • Check the filter heater temperature (top controller). Proper operation
      temperature is 85°+/-10°C.
    • Check the dryer heater temperature by placing a thermocouple at the test location (Ø1/8” hole). Proper operation temperature is 95°+/- 10°C.

The Automatic filter drain is controlled by a repeat cycle timer that operates a solenoid valve. Two DIP switches are located on the timing device to control drain and cycle times located on backside of control panel.

Standard factory setting is to drain for 0.1 minute (six seconds) once every 1 hour .

  • Check the “on” timer by briefly cycling the system power off then back on. This will reset the timer and cause it to restart. If the switches are set as stated above, the drain valve will energize for 0.1 minutes followed by one hour off.

Download Indi-GASS Module Sample Conditioning System User’s Manual

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