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iCool Integrator Series Thermo-Electric Cooler Installation

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The Model ICOOL should be installed away from heat sources in a well ventilated area of an instrument rack or enclosure. REMEMBER, the Model ICOOL can only control to 61°F DIFFERENTIAL from ambient temperature. Thus, at an output temperature control of 39°F, the maximum ambient temperature is 100°F, above which cooling control is lost. When this differential is exceeded, the controller will go full-on, with the cooling capacity floating in relation to the ambient temperature above 104°F. No damage will occur to the cooler; however, the output dew point will also float in relation to the ambient temperature. The more stable the ambient temperature environment around the ICOOL, the better the output dew point stability.

The outlet tubing of all metal or Kynar heat exchangers is 1/4″ compression tube fittings; the user should always use the compression type fittings provided for that purpose by the factory. The inlet tubing of all metal or Kynar heat exchangers is 3/8” tube fitting to mate with most standard 3/8” sample lines.
The condensate drain connection is a Kynar® straight 3/8” MNPT x 1/4” barbed tube fitting. An automatic condensate drain, Model 3KPB-001 Peristaltic Pump, dual head, is recommended for water removal. This pump uses size 17 tubing.

CAUTION: Do not reduce the size of the condensate tubing since doing so restricts water flow resulting in water slip (moisture carryover) in the sample.

CAUTION: If using a stainless steel sample line, place 2 inches of TEFLON tubing in between the exchanger inlet fitting and the heated line. This prevents the sample cooler from heat sinking the incoming heated line, which adds undue load to the cooler.

Download iCool Integrator Series Thermo-Electric Cooler User’s Manual

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