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HD-Series Heatless Dryer Installation

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  1. Connect 110VAC /60Hz or 220VAC/ 50Hz to Heatless Dryer.
  2. Connect compressed air line with minimum of 60 psig and maximum of 100 psig to ¼” Compressed Air Inlet port (Refer to Figure 1). Coalescing oil/water pre-filter is recommended for installations where oil or water mist is present.
  3. Purge Air Exhaust ports should be left open to atmosphere to provide venting (can pipe to remote location if desired). An inexpensive particulate after-filter may be used on purge air exhaust to reduce noise.
  4. A 1/4” tubing should be used for connection to 1/4” Dry Air Outlet fitting. If length of tubing exceeds 15 meters, 3/8” tubing should be used.

Download HD-Series Heatless Dryer User’s Manual

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