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FC-Series Humidifier Setup

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  • FC125: FC125-240-5PP, FC125-240-7PP, FC125-240-10PP
  • FC150: FC150-480-7PP, FC150-480-10PP
  • FC200: FC200-780-7PP, FC200-780-10PP
  • FC300: FC300-1660-7ABS, FC300-1660-10ABS, FC300-1660-15ABS
  • FC400: FC400-2500-10PP, FC400-2500-12PP, FC400-2500-15PP, FC400-2500-20PP
  • FC600: FC600-7000-8PP FC600-7000-14PP

In Gas-to-Gas setup, constant dewpoint wet gas needs to be continuously flowing at same flow rate as sample.

In Water-to-Gas setup, the humidification process is endothermic. Heated water needs to be continuous- ly circulated through the humidifier so as to prevent cold spots from forming inside and reducing perfor- mance. Flow with greater pressure must be flowing inside tubes to prevent tubing collapse, which can lead to poor performance and permanent leaks through the headers.

DI water is required for humidification, and the water should be circulated at 4 LPM for 100 LPM of dry gas flow.

The surface of NafionTM in a Water-To-Gas setup chemically behaves like liquid water, and will react with anything in the gas that would react with liquid water. Additionally, users may experience losses when humidifying gases that are soluble in water. Liquid water under pressure can transfer directly through the membrane in liquid form, and provisions should be taken to evaporate that water down- stream of the gas exit as necessary.

Download FC-Series Gas Dryer User’s Manual

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