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Do Nafion Dryers Wear Out? – Nafion Dryer Performance Over Time

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Typically, the water transfer properties of Nafion are inherent to the material itself, and in the ideal world the performance will not change over time. However, dryer performance may decline over time as the water pathways of the Nafion® membrane are affected by the sample or purge gas:

  1. Oils or contaminants can physically blocking water pathways – for example, complex hydrocarbons (C=C, CΞC, refinery) can coat the inner walls of the tubing
  2. Metals or cations are attracted to the surface and can chemically block water pathways
  3. Ammonia salts can form on the surface from a reaction with Nafion and block water pathways

Dryer life is dependent on these factors and in such applications it should be considered a consumable.

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