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Baldwin-Series Model 33XP Class I Division 1 Heated Filter Probe Installation

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The 33XP is designed to be mounted directly on a stack or duct with the included 1¼” Schedule 40 male pipe nipple. This pipe nipple can be screwed into a standard ASA flange, either flat or raised face that has been modified with a 1¼” NPT threaded port in the center. These modified flanges are available from Perma Pure in kit form. The kit includes the flange of the desired size and the appropriate bolts and flange gasket.

  1. Thread the flange onto the 1¼” filter nipple
  2. Install the stinger pipe into the filter mounting nipple using PTFE tape or thread seal paste that is appropriate for the application.
  3. Mount the assembly to the stack flange with the gas connections facing in the desired direction using the bolts and gasket provided.
  4. Makeup the sample gas, calibration gas, and blowback air connections. Typical tightening for ¼” compression fittings is 1 ¼ turns past finger tight. Do not over-tighten.
  5. The sample gas line that runs from the probe to the analyzer area may need to be heated to prevent condensation of water and acid vapors. Condensation in the sample line is likely to cause analyzer inaccuracy, unreliable measurements and maintenance problems and must be avoided.

Connection of the probe to the electrical must be performed by qualified personnel. Connect the system to an appropriate earth ground. Adhere to all electrical code requirements in effect at the installation site. This device is intended for Class 1, Div 1 Hazardous installations.

  1. Refer to drawing 4P-33XP-04-02 in the appendix for connection to AC power and thermocouple.
  2. The K type thermocouple can be used to monitor the temperature of the probe or provide a signal to an external temperature controller if desired.

Download Baldwin-Series Model 33XP Class I Division 1 Heated Filter Probe User’s Manual

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