Ammonia Scrubbers for CEMS

AS-Series Ammonia Scrubber Replacing Scrubbing Media

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When deposits are visible 75% of the way up the housing, the scrubbing media needs to be replaced (see Figure 2).

  1. Release thumbscrew on bottom of housing to disengage yoke.
  2. Swing yoke to one side.
  3. Separate housing and bottom cap as an assembly from top cap.
  4. Remove spring and top baffle.
  5. Remove old media and center baffle and dispose of media properly (housing may be rinsed with soapy water to clean).
  6. Fill housing with 135cc of burl Saddles (tap housing to allow material to settle).
  7. Replace center baffle.
  8. Pour 65cc of Scrubbing Media.
  9. Replace top baffle.
  10. Replace spring.
  11. Clean o-rings on shell and inside top manifold (replace if necessary).
  12. Place center tube into o-ring seal in top cap.
  13. Push and twist to seal housing around o-ring.
  14. Replace yoke by swinging back into place and tighten thumbscrew once in position.

Download AS-Series Ammonia Scrubber User’s Manual

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